FX- Analog Series #02

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Two Waves introduces the first fully analog sample effects pack.
The warmth and depth provided by analog circuits along with the careful editing and mastering of each sound makes it fit perfectly into any type of mix whatever the style.
The pack consists of 10 folders, each dedicated to a different kind of effect, providing all the necessary elements to find the most appropriate effect in any situation within the mix.
You will find effects like zap, falls, glitches, rises, sweeps, vocal chops, synth hits and many more.

All arranged meticulously for your comfort.
As extra content we have added all the effects of our Tech House Series.
• Tech House # 01
• Tech House # 02
• Tech House # 03
• Tech House # 04
• Tech House # 05
The base that accompanies the effects in the demo has been constructed using only samples included in the Tech House series.
We are Two Waves and this FX sample pack from our Analog Series.


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